For those of you that don’t know my 2013 goal is to pay off all my debts to the government. When I first moved to New York I worked at a photography studio part time but quickly discovered that I needed to find a full-time job to cushion the blow of moving to the most expensive city in the United States. It’s exciting because every month my job title changes and this Monday we started the Steve Malzberg Show.  Every day I download, edit and export clips before the show. I am able to lend a hand by being the office manager, IT consultant, photographer, and now production assistant. Each day we have guests and on our first day we had Donald Trump, Leigh Anne Tuohy and others. I am so blessed and grateful for my job at Newsmax but am looking forward to the day when my hard work has payed off (literally).



Lutheran Social Services has been such a blessing to me through my first few months in New York City. I had the most amazing time getting to all of these genuine, full-of-life people. They made me feel so welcomed and loved. I cannot wait to see and hear about all the generous things LSSNY will do in 2013! Make sure and click on the jam below and dance in your seat while you scroll through!

Brooklyn Event Photographer8

Brooklyn Event Photographer4 Brooklyn Event Photographer5

Brooklyn Event Photographer2 Brooklyn Event Photographer6 Brooklyn Event Photographer7

Brooklyn Event Photographer

Brooklyn Event Photographer3

I originally found My Brightest Diamond (Shara Worden) in 2006 when I was diligently stalking every artist on the Asthmatic Kitty label. Worden has also recorded and performed with The Decemberists and Sufjan Stevens. My Brightest Diamond mixes elements of opera, cabaret, chamber music, and rock. She is obviously inspired by Antony and the Johnsons and Nina Nastasia and it’s no coincidence they have performed together at venues such as Tonic, the Living Room, and the Knitting Factory.

Reaching Through to the Other Side was my favorite song performed at the Bowery Ballroom this past Wednesday night. Make sure to click on the song as you scroll through the images!

My Brightest Diamond, Brooklyn Photographer 2

My Brightest Diamond Brooklyn Photographer

My Brightest Diamond, Brooklyn Photographer9 My Brightest Diamond, Brooklyn Photographer8 My Brightest Diamond, Brooklyn Photographer

My Brightest Diamond, Brooklyn Photographer 7 My Brightest Diamond, Brooklyn Photographer 6

My Brightest Diamond, Brooklyn Photographer 4 My Brightest Diamond, Brooklyn Photographer 3

Lord have mercy on this land of mine
We all gonna get it in due time
I don’t belong here
I don’t belong there
I’ve even stopped believing in prayer

I love the honesty that Nina Simone used in this song. Musicians were sometimes able to cross boundaries through their art form. Today I’m thinking about all the courageous people who changed our country… And all the strong people who will continue to correct mistakes and move forward.

When you listen to the Shout Out Louds you can immediately tell they hail from Sweden. This band is a little less obscure than others that I have shared but I fell in like with them while watching Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

The main reason I wanted to blog about this band is because of the promo they did where they made a record out of ice. It’s such a unique way to create music and it also makes a statement that nothing is interminable.

Also this video is great.


I enjoyed capturing Johannes and Alexandra’s getaway wedding. They got married on top of the city, Rockefeller Center, and then we proceeded to spend the day frolicking around New York. They were so generous and loving, and after we said our goodbyes they even invited me to visit them in Austria for skiing. I love that being able to photograph people lends you into their lives and their hearts.

Rockefeller Center Wedding4

Rockefeller Center Wedding 5

Rockefeller Center Wedding 3

New York City Cab

Taxi Wedding

Grand Central Terminal Wedding

Flatiron Wedding

Grand Central Station Wedding

Grand Central Wedding 3

Brooklyn Bridge Wedding

Bethany Michaela Photo

Brooklyn Bridge Wedding2

Brooklyn Bridge Wedding!

Times Square Wedding

I’ve never been one to take the time to reminisce or contemplate. However, so many incredible changes have happened to me in 2012 I was forced to mediate and thank God and the people in my life for making this year so indescribably fantastic. I started 2012 in Ecuador and started off the year with an intense tan. I finished up my time at Mizzou Sports Properties and made the move to Brooklyn this summer. I’ve worked with amazing photographers and landed a sweet gig at Newsmax Media. I’ve been blessed with countless visitors from the Midwest. I’ve photographed weddings, been a bridesmaid, and just in general attended a lot of weddings. I’ve been to the airport at least 12 times in the last six months. I’ve had the pleasure of attending an endless amount of poetry readings, gallery openings and concerts. I joined a new church family that has welcomed me with open arms. I have learned how to love deeper and more honestly. Thank you for inspiring me, here’s to another blessed year.


I took this photo at a holiday party I photographed. I thought it was the perfect visual for my joy.

I discovered Night Beds like I discover most bands, through NPR. They are playing at Pianos in New York on December 11th. Anyone want to join me?

I love when pieces of art contain contrast within the final product. This video is tough to watch but I think that it’s beautiful.

“So the songs come together over acoustic guitars, over the first skeletal melodies, and then they grow. Yellen’s voice takes on a pure kind of thirst when wrapped in the sonic landscapes he devises. It’s searching. It’s taken several years to map everything out, but after a hiatus spent driving the deserts and prairies and coastal roads of the United States, sleeping in a hatchback or on friendly couches – after a long time spent alone – Night Beds has found a home in Nashville.  Soon it will see the release of Country Sleep, a full-length album in the spirit of the vagabond, in the winding path to a place of good rest.”